• Are CRÈEM products good for all skin types?

    Yes, our products are good for all skin types.
  • What kind of ingredients do you work with?

    You will find the exact ingredients list on our "Products" page where you will see that we only work with 100% natural ingredients. None of the products contain parabens, microplastic nor silicone.
  • Are your products being tested on animals?

    No, here at CRÈEM we believe in having a close and strong relationship with Mother nature so we are against such things as animal testing or animal cruelty.

  • Are CRÈEM products vegan?

    All our products are vegan. None of them contain any animal-based.

  • Do we have to dilute the essential oil when we apply? If yes, what do we dilute it with?

    In most cases essential oils need to be diluted. 
  • Why does essential oils have to be diluted?


  • How is your brand trying to be zero


  • Do you use sustainable packaging for the products?

    Our aim at CRÈEM is to support and use the most sustainable packaging, such as glass jars or recycled plastic bottles. Our tubes are made from 100% sugarcane material, which means its 100% compostable.

    We aim to use as little plastic as possible during the process of production as well.

  • Where can I buy CRÈEM products?

    Online: You can only purchase our products on our webshop for now. 

    In person:


    Kunffy Emlékmúzeum (Árpád u. 22, 8683)


    Nora Deli (Németvölgyi út 150, 1112)

    Soon we will be in available in more physical stores as well. Come back for more updates later!

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