Secret Ceres

Secret Ceres extends an invitation to all women to ignite their feminine divine. This beautiful traditional holistic beauty product gives your body the ultimate nourishment to sustain its natural beauty.

Secret Ceres

Blossom from within

  • Superfood for the Yoni
  • Rejuvenating and tightening the Yoni
  • Maintaining a healthy vaginal pH and eliminating vaginal odor
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
  • Balancing vaginal infections such as mycosis, yeast infection, etc.
  • Regeneration of the external skin of the body
  • Diminish stretch marks, pimples and irritations
  • Nurturing sexual organs after giving birth
  • Increasing libido and erotic sensation
  • Re-balancing hormonal levels
  • Cellular purification of the vagina
  • Alleviating menopausal symptoms

How does it work?

Secret Ceres works on many levels. As it contains crystals and sacred artisan spring water as well as other alchemistical aspects that connect you with your feminine energy – the moon energy - Secret Ceres may influence your cycle. It tunes the cycle of many women with that of the moon at some point.

A woman’s body is like a rose bush: Naturally, the nutrients have to be submitted to the roots for her to blossom in full bloom! In the same manner the minerals and herbal extracts of Secret Ceres are absorbed right in the centre of the female body through the Yoni in order to activate the body’s own regenerative process. A woman’s reproductive organs are responsible for her hormonal balance, which in turn determines the appearance of her skin. Every woman is familiar with the adverse effects of hormonal fluctuations during her menstruation on her skin. Like wisely hormonal imbalances during menopause will diminish the skin’s capability to store moisture and result in a lack of elasticity. It is in the centre of our bodies that the characteristics of our skin are defined: firmness, elasticity, moisture storage capacity, wrinkles, impurities and radiance are regulated through the functioning of our reproductive organs.

It is a natural law that balance must occur in the centre of a body in order for any given organism to attain balance. Only if the centre of an organism is balanced, can all aspects of an organism achieve balance. Balancing the vaginal pH level is the first step towards overall balance. 

How to use it?

Vaginal application:

  • 1 time per week for 60 seconds to maintain a perfect pH balance.
  • 2 times per week if you experience an imbalance and wish to restore your vaginal pH.

Briefly wet Secret Ceres under running water (room temperature) and insert approximately 1/2 - 3⁄4 into your vulva.
Remove the wand after 1 minute and briefly rinse it under temperate water. Then carefully dry it with a towel and place it back in its original packaging. After several minutes a tightening effect can be felt in the vagina.

After 24-48 hours you can expect some shedding of dead skin cells from your Yoni, leaving your Yoni supple, cleansed and rejuvenated. We recommend you cleanse the inside of your vagina thoroughly with plenty of water under the shower, while standing or squatting, by inserting your index finger and moving it in a circular motion to remove any dead skin cells that have shed. Thereafter wash between the outer and inner labia with a washcloth. Please remember to use water only, as any chemical wash lotions or douches will offset the natural balance and may cause odour and irritation.

External application:

For application on larger skin parts (i.e. stretch marks, rash, eczema) or as a face mask, wet the entire wand with lukewarm water and repeatedly rub it over the desired areas with light pressure. Apply Secret Ceres after coming out of the shower or bath to ensure maximum absorption while the skin’s pores are still open.

Leave the residue of Secret Ceres on the skin to be absorbed as long as possible, preferably overnight. Once dried, you may reactivate it by spraying water onto the dried layer and by massaging it into your skin. For the treatment of small skin parts (e.g. pimples, small wounds, cuts, insect bites, etc.) wet the tip of the wand under lukewarm water and rub it onto the affected area for approximately 2 minutes.

You may treat scars and blemishes by rubbing the tip of the wand over the scar while applying pressure on the skin so it can penetrate the scarred tissue. Leave the residue to dry on the treated area. Thereafter rinse the stick with water and dry it carefully with a towel. Repeat the process at least twice a day. 

How Secret Ceres affects the rejuvenation of the skin:

The quality of our skin is determined from the inside out, by the state of our hormonal balance. Our production of growth hormones decreases with age, as does the skin’s capacity to store moisture.

Secret Ceres naturally stimulates the body’s cell renewal process. The shedding that you notice in the vagina after 24 hours will occur on the skin of your entire body in a more subtle manner. While our body’s mucous skin, including the vagina, renews within 24 hours, our exterior skin renews every 27 days. We recommend supporting the shedding process of your body's exterior skin by using a loofah sponge to scrub your body daily! You may find that your skin tends to peel faster on areas like your nose, chin, back, arms, and legs. After using Secret Ceres for 6 weeks, an increase of shedding of dead skin all over the body can be noticed, as regeneration has accelerated. There should be a noticeable improvement of facial skin (decrease of impurities and breakouts, overall rejuvenated appearance). Using a loofah sponge daily to exfoliate the entire body (including the face) and then moisturizing with a natural oil will support this renewal process as well as the overall health and vitality of the skin.

Their Mission

Preserving ancient wisdom and indigenous traditions to benefit modern women with a sense of responsibility for their bodies. Through bio-dynamic agriculture and ethical farming, their business contributes to maintaining a harmonious relationship between man and the earth. They are dedicated to bringing women the gifts of nature: recipes that were handed down for many generations and which have been applied for centuries. Their work is dedicated to resurrecting the wisdom of women of a different time – forgotten secrets that are called to be revived and that are much needed today.

They specialize in holistic products based on ancient wisdom and traditions that stem from Africa, Asia, and native America (they are granted triple AAA access to places and spaces only few may enter). They are committed to sourcing their products sustainably, with respect for the land from which they stem.


The packaging is meticulously crafted and with attention to every detail. Each piece is a work of art, put together to make Secret Ceres’ beautiful box. From the vulva- flower pattern that Mallence designed and drew by hand, which is then woven into their golden signature-fabric, to the pleated pouch, down to the tassel that is hand knotted (hand-made tassels take months to make, but in every step of the way we support and sustain a dying craft) and cut to precision, every part of this box is carefully crafted in tribute to the magical product it stores.

By honouring the ‘craft of the hand’ in each step of the process, they support artisans. Artisanship is a art that is being pushed into extinction within an ever faster growing machine-operated world.

It is part of their mission to keep artisanal traditions alive. This beautiful box is made with love, to store a product that is like no other.

Founder of Secret Ceres, Mallence Bart - Williams

A Sierra Leonean-German multi-faceted social entrepreneur: Publishing, film, fashion, Ayurveda, writing, and philanthropy are among her professional repertoire. Today she lives across the globe, is involved in various start-ups on the African continent and is the founder of Secret Ceres, a holistic beauty product with a special focus of womb wellness.

"Your vagina is not a service provider and much more than an entry and exit. It is connected to your sacred center, which is the source of human life. Your Yoni should be nurtured and honored in a caring and loving way, as it performs undoubtedly the most complex process in our body, so complex that no brain in the world can manage to stimulate it. "

-Mallence Bart-Williams

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