Hair Duo

10.370 Ft
12.200 Ft
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Lavender branch 300 ml
  • Enjoy organic hair care with Hair Duo - where nature's goodness meets advanced formulas for healthier, happier hair.

    • Shampoo: Freshen up your hair and scalp care routine with our Shampoo! This unique formulation features Cutibiome, D-panthenol, and biosynthetic hyaluronic acid, providing a gentle yet effective cleanse that goes beyond ordinary shampoos. The mixture of essential oils and natural ingredients works harmoniously to soothe irritated scalps, moisturize dry skin flakes (for dandruff), and prevent irritation, ensuring a balanced and nourished scalp.

    • Hair Conditioner: Immerse your locks in the richness of our natural Hair Conditioner, a blend of mango butter, coconut, castor, rosemary, and a symphony of oils. Carefully curated to nourish the scalp while delicately conditioning your strands, it works wonders in softening and rejuvenating damaged or dry hair. 

    • Advantages - Vegan Vegan
    • Advantages - Cruelty free Cruelty free
    • Advantages - Clean Clean

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