Secret Ceres

38.100 Ft
Lavender branch 100 g
  • Inspired by Ancient Indigenous Wisdom, the Secret Ceres properties have been used for centuries to cleanse the skin. Our Wand is designed to rejuvenate and improve the skin texture while producing regenerative healing results simultaneously.

    Who is it for?
    Secret Ceres is a feminine wand for women of all ages who wish take care of their bodies' most intimate area. Secret Ceres is a holistic beauty product for women, who seek to alleviate any insecurities about their intimate area that may inhibit their sexuality and overall well being.

    Who is it not for?
    Virgins and women with a prolapsed uterus, who had a hysterectomy or any other severe medical condition are not recommended to use this product without consulting a doctor. 

    • The very rare and precious raw materials are harvested in a bio – dynamic manner in the Asian archipelago.
    • Based on the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, selected minerals, herbal extracts and crystals are processed according to a 2000 year old traditional manufacturing processed and recipe.
    • The wand consists exclusively of natural, biological and highly potent ingredients.
    • The growth processes of the natural active ingredients, protected from today's environmental influences in the midst of an intact tropical ecosystem, provide the prerequisite for a product of the highest purity, quality and bioenergetic effectiveness.
    • Every wand is formed by hand and burned over the open fire.
    • Due to the 90 day alchemical manufacturing process process, Secret Ceres is only produced in a limited quantities.

    Curcuma Xanthorrhiza Rhizoma, ARTEMESIAANNUA (Sweet wormwood), Eurycoma Longfolia, Piperis Folium (Red Piper Betle), Piper seed, Ocimum Sanctum (Holy Basil), Scaphium Affinis Pierre (Malva nut), Punica Granatum (Pommegranate), Artesian Mountain Spring Water, Kaolin (China clay), Alunite 

    Organic - Handcrafted - Vegan - Biodynamic - Sustainable
    • Advantages - Vegan Vegan
    • Advantages - Cruelty free Cruelty free
    • Advantages - Clean Clean

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